Religion in schools? Let’s concentrate on sorting out this world

by The Codgers' Club Friday, October 18 2013

by Peter Cook

Let’s keep religion out of education.

Just now I’ve read about a state funded orthodox Jewish girls’ school that doctored the GCSE exam papers to remove references to evolution.

Last week we heard of a Muslim academy school that made girls sit at the back and teachers wear headscarves.

All over the country there are Roman Catholic schools that preach anti-contraception propaganda.

There are hundreds of Church of England schools. I’m not sure what they teach, but then probably neither are they.

What religion you belong to is mostly determined by where and to whom you were born.

If I was born in Pakistan I would almost certainly be Muslim – if I knew what was good for me.

If I had been born in Burma I would probably be Buddhist. If in India, quite possibly Hindu.

As it is I was born in England and was christened into the Church of England where I became a quite angelic though vocally inept choirboy.

The fact is, no one knows if there’s a God or not.

If there is one, he, she or it has decided not to reveal him, her or itself to the likes of you and me. Not yet anyway.

So let’s put all that aside and concentrate on sorting out this world, before worrying about the next, which we can’t do anything about anyway.

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