Risking life and Lympne

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, August 15 2014

On air and online we’re teaming up with Port Lympne Reserve and Howletts for Park Life.

It’s your chance to discover everything you ever wanted to know about the fabulous animals and the people who look after them. Not only that but you can win your own Animal Encounter. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome (I use that word in its truest sense) such an encounter can be!

Emma and I were invited to get up close and personal with the tigers of Port Lympne. First we met male Siberian tiger Tugar, who Sarah the big cat keeper called a “big softie”. He was certainly big: 200 kilos and about 8 feet tall when he was “greeting” us on his hind legs. He was “softie” enough to let us feed him slabs of meat through the fence. If you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline that’ll make your hairs stand up, your stomach turn to lead and your body buzz like there’s a low electric current going through it, then it’s just what you’re looking for.

We weren’t even allowed to feed his mate Ingrid and his two daughters. They were a bit more “feisty” and we had to leave their feeding to the professionals. It made you realise that being a caveman with only a pointy stick to keep beasts at bay must really have sucked.

Details at

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Going overboard on Champagne...

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, July 25 2014

We’ve been off on some international adventures recently! Well, sort of... Our show sponsors, P&O Ferries, thought it would be nice to send us across the Channel on one of its gorgeous ships, the Spirit of France.

We thought it was kind of nice, too!

It was all high glamour as Garry and I filmed a tour of the ship: the video will be available soon at Move over, Richard and Judy!

Our crossing took just 90 minutes and we were treated like a little prince and princess.

However, like any genuine superstars our diaries were far too hectic to allow time for an actual visit to France, so we had to stay on the ship and come straight back home again.

But France looked gorgeous out of the window and it gave Emma a chance to continue her enjoyment of the complimentary Champagne in the Club Lounge, sans interruption.

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Barbecue season, a chance to chill out in the sunshine

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, June 16 2014

It is barbecue season. Who does not love the opportunity to chill in the garden with friends, eating burgers, sausages and pasta, chatting and gossiping with your summer clothes on and your sunglasses on.

We love firing up the outside oven, don’t we? By late afternoon, we have eaten so much we start to resemble a belly like Homer Simpson’s and after a few drinks too we are ready for a siesta in the sunshine.

If we are really honest it is nice to go to a friend’s barbecue because the clean-up operation afterwards is as if you have been serving 100 tables at the Ritz hotel on Christmas Day.

There is so much food left over, utensils that you can not remember where they came from in the kitchen because you only use them half a dozen times, if that, a year and enough washing up to make your fingers go wrinkly as if you have had a soak in the bath.

The great thing about going to a friends barbecue? Leaving all of that mess for them to clear up. Come on, be honest it is nice to be fed and just walk away isn’t it?

Of course you do not just say your goodbyes and leave, you have to ask the standard line, “Can we help you clear up?” The answer from the hosts is always, “No, no it is okay.”

We know that is going to be the reply, but the effort has been made and that is good enough for us not to feel any guilt as we drive home with a belly full of burgers

I’ll speak to you on kmfm, 9-12pm.

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Relight your fire with a trip back to the 90s

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, June 6 2014

WWF T-shirt, Super Nintendo and your Rachel hair cut. All big things from the 90s that were part of a decade that brought us happy memories and amazing music.

Every weekday morning from 9am I am starting your work day with We Love the 90s.

An hour of tunes and anthems from the likes of Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys to Robin S to Take That.

Every song will have you wanting more and more from the 90s. Be prepared to automatically reach for the volume up button and to recapture those memories.

The beauty of music sometimes is memories – time and place. Boyz II Men’s End Of The Road might remind you of school disco and dancing with your first boyfriend or girlfriend.

There were always two love songs played back to back at your school disco.

You were either lucky enough to have the confidence to ask your school crush for a slow dance or you stayed at the back by the gym equipment pretending that you did not mind that you did not have a dance partner.

You would gaze enviously onto a dance floor filled with slow-moving couples for six minutes and occasionally chat to your mates about anything that came to mind just to pass the time until the music picked up the pace again to Take That’s Relight My Fire and you rejoined the dance floor with your killer teenage moves.

Relight My Fire is another 90s anthem that will have you turning up your radio.

Whether you are sitting at your desk at 9am, in the car, or at home these tunes will have you singing along and wishing you still had your hypercolour glow T-shirt and container of green slime.

Oh and if you have a boss who says no to having the radio on because they insist on silence – boring!

It is worth moving into the broom cupboard just to listen to We Love The 90s.

I’ll speak to you Monday to Friday nine - noon.

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Candid camera capers ahead of new kmfm show

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, May 30 2014

I hate having my picture taken. Hate it. So a whole day of posing was not my idea of fun.

For the greater good though, I smiled and bore it, as my new radio partner, Emma Adam, and I headed off into Kent for some fun in front of the lens.

First we wound our way to Whitstable for a picnic on the beach. By the time I’d struggled to the beach with the picnic basket, blanket, microphones, mic stands and other paraphernalia, Emma had already attracted the attention of a small but growing throng of fishermen across the harbour.

She’d decided to put her froofy 50s-style underskirt on beneath her frock whilst she waited for me. I’m surprised it caused such a stir. I imagine it made a nice change from staring at whelks and winkles.

After a quick cupcake and tea we were off to Kent Life, near Maidstone, to see the ‘ickle animals’. We had a lovely stroll around, greeting the donkeys, geese, toddlers and sheep. We got a few funny looks dragging a glitter ball about with us, and had a lovely time swinging on a rope swing thing until some of the big boys kicked us off.

Having heard Mr Selfridge was being filmed at the Historic Dockyard, Chatham, we decided to get down there and see if we could meet Jeremy Piven. Like your typical tourists we stopped to have our photo taken in one of those ‘put your face through the cut-out holes in a picture of other people to make it look like you’re someone else’ things. It made us look like characters from that other show filmed at the dockyard, Call the Midwife. On bikes. I think if you look closely you can see my bloomers.

Emma was wearing towering sparkly heels for the photos. Unfortunately they weren’t designed for walking, so she had a pair of trainers to change into ‘between shoots’. Because we didn’t have time to erect scaffolding to enable her to climb up and down safely every time we changed locations, she spent much of the day leaning at odd angles against anything to hand to aid the change.

Dockyards are full of large and very sturdy things. Big anchors. Hulking ships. It’s almost unbelievable that during a soft-shoe shuffle, Emma leant against a fake plastic wall used for filming. It almost fell over and rumbled like a roll of thunder. Security were alerted and Piven remains unruffled while the two of us remain at large.

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The laws of DIY...

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, April 25 2014

Spring is a magical time. A time for... DIY.

During my trials and tribulations with paint, filler and power tools recently I’ve noticed there are three main laws of DIY.

1. You will go to a big shop to buy something for your project. You will “um” and “ahh” about how many of a certain item you might buy. You will pick the lower number. You will get home and need one more of that item.

2. You will try and use a stepladder in a confined area. You will be amazed at just how far the feet of the stepladder need to be apart, and will try the ladder in 14 different triangulations (this is how Pythagoras came up with his theory) in an attempt to fully open the ladder. You will use the ladder although they’re not fully opened whilst thinking that episodes of Casualty usually begin with this kind of scenario.

3. Plastic dustpans are the lemmings of the DIY equipment world. When you not looking they will throw themselves under a heel, a dropped hammer or, more often than not, one of the feet of your amazingly wide-opening step ladders, and be cracked and broken.

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Keeping cool by the icy pool

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, April 11 2014

You’ll have heard about our fabulous competition to win a stunning James Villa Holiday by now, to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary.

The great news is that there are three chances to win – kmfm is giving away one villa holiday in Mallorca, KentOnline one in Minorca and What’s On another in the Algarve.

When I’m on holiday, nothing can distract me from my sun lounger – not sightseeing, historical buildings, geographical features of note, the National Museum of Turkish Delight, nothing.

Just leave me there by the pool. Turn me once every 30 minutes. Stand back every hour ’cos I’m getting up and diving Tom Daley-like into the deep end.

One of my most vivid holiday memories is of a stay in the Med some years ago. I was staying in an apartment and the pool was in the centre of the block. I was loving the warm chlorine-free waters of the pool. The apartment owners proudly told us that they didn’t use chemicals in the pool. The water came from an underground spring and was then heated to perfection by the rays of the Mediterranean sun. Every now and again, we were told, the water was drained and then re-filled with fresh spring water.

On the fourth or fifth day I was going through my usual routine and the time was swim-a-clock. I rose like a bronzed Adonis from my lounger and strode purposefully to the deep end, winking to the senoritas and shooting finger pistols to the fellas as I went.

There were 40 to 50 people throwing admiring glances my way as I arched up into the air like a salmon before piking into the water with barely a splash. In mid-air I noticed the usually well-used pool was actually empty of other bathers. ‘Well, more pool for me,’ thinks I.

As I hit the water I instantaneously realised why I was flying solo.

What I hadn’t thought through was that the pool had only just been freshly refilled. From the underground spring. Way underground. Far away from the sun. Down where only Gollum dwelt. I have never felt cold like it. Those Army guys you see swimming in the Antarctic, having cut a hole in the ice, would have dipped one toe in it and gone AWOL.

Some things in my body actually stopped working. I’d gone in as gracefully as a swan – I came up like whatever the exact opposite of that is.

In a bid to kickstart my body and warn others of the icy depths I came up screaming: “Oh for goodness sake, that’s refreshing!”

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Dream holiday could come true

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, April 11 2014

Fancy heading off into the sunshine? For seven days? Staying in your own private villa with pool? Fancy taking three friends or the family? James Villa Holidays are celebrating 30 years in the business and we are celebrating with them, too, by offering you the chance to be whisked off into the sunshine of Mallorca where you will stay in a luxurious James Villa villa.

Just imagine laying by the pool, the sun beating down on the tiled patio area to the point where it becomes hot.

You jump into the pool and take your cocktail from the side and sip it as the sun starts to set.

That evening you and your tan head into one of the nearby towns and take advantage of alfresco dining.

Just writing this I am making myself jealous.

You could be answering ‘The 30th Question’ on kmfm Breakfast with Garry Wilson next week.

If that is you, you have won this amazing James Villa holiday with flights all sorted, too.

All you have to worry about is spending money and what bikini or pair of speedos to take with you.

See how you could be winning and staying at and click on James Villa Holidays ‘30th Question.’ Good luck.

While you are online there is also your chance to meet Peter Andre when he comes to Folkestone later this year, win tickets to see The X Factor musical I Can’t Sing! and, with it being half term, win your way in with the kids to see Nick Jnr’s Go! Go! Go! show. Be quick, though, as some of these competitions finish soon.

If you have been requesting your favourite songs on kmfm recently, thanks.

It’s always great to be on air and read the songs you want to hear. Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind, Pharrell Williams’ Happy and Clean Bandit’s Rather Be continue to be three of the most popular songs with you.

I’ll speak to you weekday mornings, 9am to noon.

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One of our lucky listeners has won the Loose Change

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, April 7 2014

kmfm’s Loose Change has been WON! After eleven weeks, two hundred and seventy four guesses, jammed phone lines in the kmfm studio and consistently checking the incorrect guess amounts online, Lisa Collins from Ashford correctly guessed that the Loose Change jackpot was £4,173.

If you have been listening you will have heard Lisa’s screams of delight.

I imagine she had a weekend of celebrations with even more to come as she decides what to spend more than £4,000 on.

I think a holiday is coming for Lisa and her family.

The winning continues soon thanks to James Villa Holidays who are celebrating 30 years in the business.

We are pulling the celebratory party poppers with them as we give you the chance to whisk off for a seven-day James Villa holiday in the Cyprus sun.

Just imagine the sunshine reflecting off your own private villa pool as you chill out on a lilo sipping your cocktail of choice. Perfect.

As well as that, £10,000 could be coming your way.

The Jackson’s Community Project will see one local organisation, one community group or Kent charity be awarded a £10,000 improvement thanks to Jackson’s Fencing.

If you are involved in such local activities keep it tuned to kmfm and it could be your organisation winning.

I’ll speak to you on kmfm Monday to Friday, 9am-noon.

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Just a little loose change could go a very long way

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, March 21 2014

Just pick up the phone!

“I am certain I know!” These are just two of the most heard comments from you over the last week as we continue to give you the chance to win up to £5,000 with kmfm’s “Loose Change”.

We have an amount between £500 and £5,000.

Call kmfm when you hear the presenter say, and you could win. Easy.

On Monday at 8.25am, Garry Wilson on kmfm Breakfast gave you the order of two of the Loose Change digits, now making it easier for you to win.

What would you spend the money on?

A holiday in the sunshine?

Just imagine lying on a sun lounger, the sun glistening off the pool as you swim up to the pool side bar and order an ice cold strawberry Daiquiri. Perfect.

Maybe you want to go on a big shopping spree and finally buy that outfit that you keep walking past.

If you have not seen two of the digits or even the incorrect guess amounts, simply go online to and click on Loose Change.

We play Monday to Friday at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

At the time of going to press the Loose Change jackpot has not been won.

Good luck!

The winning does not stop there either. Next week on kmfm Breakfast with Garry Wilson, he is giving you the chance to see Robbie Williams live in Amsterdam! We will sort out of your flights and hotel too.

You just need spending money and your best “I love you Robbie!” voice.

I’ll speak to you on kmfm, Monday to Friday 9am - noon.

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