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Who's got the easiest job in the world?

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, August 17 2012

I have been having a discussion in the office about easiest jobs. My friend was telling me that when she moved to France, one of her first jobs was in a factory watching biscuits on a conveyor belt.

She then moved to another factory and watched sweetcorn. That was her entire responsibility. She was in unfamiliar territory and was simply making some money – she is now a qualified teacher.

The easiest job I ever had was delivering leaflets when I was around 13 or 14. I was paid £5 and half-way through, I got bored and threw the rest away.

Rob Wills from kmfm Breakfast used to be a barman at a Harvester restaurant and producer Aaron worked on the shop floor of BHS.

Station producer at kmfm, Jon Young, sprung up and told the office he was in charge of the pizzas at Pizza Hut. I didn’t know there were such job divisions. So someone is entirely in charge of the salad?

Mid-morning presenter Garry Wilson caused controversy when he said a paper round was hardly a tough job. I disagreed. If you were on the Sunday morning round the bag was weighed down with magazines and supplements inside the newspapers.

I was sacked from my paper round as I asked the newsagent if it would be OK not to do the Sunday round as it was hurting my shoulder. He took the bag from me and asked me to leave. My mum rang him up – not happy – and the newsagent said I could have the job back if I wanted on Monday. I did not return.

I’ve just returned from Boston where I presented kmfm Drivetime as part of Live in Boston, I’m still reliving how great Coldplay were. The prize was to see the band live at the TD Gardens. They were beyond brilliant.

When flying somewhere, do you notice that when you land you are allowed to walk through first class, but not at the start of the flight? It is if to say, ‘Look where you could have been sitting,’ with all that leg room staring at you. One day I’ll be in there.

This weekend is your chance to win your child the best ever back-to-school package. They will get an electrical notebook, plus we will kit them out ready for their big day back in September. Be listening all this weekend. Good luck!

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Shipping out to Boston...

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, August 13 2012

kmfm Drivetime broadcast from Boston last week. What a city. Beautiful parks, historic and some of the friendliest people.

A policeman – sorry, a cop – was chatty when we wanted to know directions. He even talked about the Olympics.

“You’ve left London to come here whilst the Olympics are on?"

“We watched the opening ceremony” was our response. I found them to be very patrotic. One man I overheard at a breakfast bar even said that he had recorded eight hours of the Games and watched them back when he got home from work. That is quite a dedication.

The reason we were in the States was for our massive kmfm competition – Live in Boston. We gave you the chance to see Coldplay at the famous TD Gardens.

Winner Harry Blackley, from Sevenoaks, was listening at work when he texted in. He never thought in a million years that he would win, so when I called him back he was more than shocked. He brought his dad Nick with him and both loved their time in the city.

Coldplay were amazing. Stunning to watch live.

Every song had the crowd on their feet - singing, dancing, cheering, clapping and at times emotional, especially during Fix You. I interviewed a few fans after the show and the overall opinion was that track brought a tear to the eyes.

If you ever get the opportunity, visit Boston. You will love it. You should take a Duck Tour which is a land and sea Second World War amphibious vehicle, which takes you through the streets and into the river.

Along the way, you learn about Boston and are encouraged to randomly quack at passing pedestrians. Duck Tour – quack? It is well thought out.

For dinner I recommend the Cheesecake Factory. These are all over America and serve the biggest portions that I have ever, ever seen. Wow. One really needs to visit to experience the cheesecake deserts. Every mouthful makes you “mmm” and “ahhh”.

My personal favourite is the banana cheesecake. Yum.

On our last day in Boston we had to watch a Red Sox game. Baseball is America’s No1 sport – as huge as football. It seems that one in every 10 people you walk past is wearing a Red Sox cap or T-shirt. It was brilliant fun with the whole stadium clapping and cheering on their players.

I was looking up some of the local lingo in Boston. Ba ghan means you have bought a bargain from a basement store. A skidder is someone who borrows money from friends and can you guess what a grinder is?

If you do, email me at - I would be interested to know.

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Going all directions to see One Direction

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, March 23 2012

McFly have recently completed two nights in Kent – at the Margate Winter Gardens and the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone.

Their fans were out in force. Some had queued from the morning and others had flown over from Canada and Germany.

I was asking on kmfm Drivetime if you had seen the same concert more than twice in a row after one mum of a McFly fan told me that her daughter was seeing the boys on both of their nights in the county.

One kmfm listener texted into the studio to tell me she has booked to see One Direction for four consecutive nights next year. Now that is a super fan – probably an addiction.

There is not just music worth seeing. Comedian Stewart Francis comes to the Tunbridge Wells’ Assembly Hall Theatre on Thursday, April 19 and the Winter Gardens on Saturday, September 22.

He performed at an event for me a while back and is a professional with a dry sense of humour. You may have heard Harley from the Rizzle Kicks on kmfm Drivetime with me last week.

Those guys know how to produce a catchy tune. Mama Do The Hump still has everyone singing. It is such a sing-a-long tune.

The boys are on at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone on Monday, May 7. Good luck this week as it is the last week of our Live in Boston competition. By Friday I could be sending you to see Coldplay!

You will fly there with Virgin, stay for four nights at the Omi Parker House which is amazing – search for it on the internet.

The hotel is in Downtown Boston and is rich in colour, décor and history. kmfm will give you $500 spending money and two tickets to see one of the world’s greatest rock bands. They are performing at TD Gardens, which is home to the Boston Celtics basketball team.

You can find out more about the competition and how to win online at 

Good luck!

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Don't give up on male version of Adele

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, March 19 2012

If you have anything planned for the next two weeks, cancel it!

All your attention needs to be on kmfm as we want to send you and a friend to Boston – the largest city in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in America – to see the amazing Coldplay, live.

All you need to do is listen out for Coldplay songs on kmfm when the competition starts on Monday. March 19. The final draw will be made on Friday, March 30 when one winner will take the prize… but there is a twist! Good luck!

We all know Adele, the global mega star who writes and sings amazing songs but what about her male equivalent? Jason Mraz has recently been called the male version of Adele. Jason has been around for a while – he is not a new artist. He is American and you may remember his biggest UK hit – I’m Yours, back in 2009.

He is back with a beautiful new single called I Won’t Give Up. For me, this is his best single so far. It’s captivating from the start as he strums his acoustic guitar. If you loved Damien Rice’s Cannonball, you will fall in love with Mraz’s new offering. His vocal is so pure and he takes you on a journey with lyrics which you know are from real life experiences. Hence the comparison to Adele. Tune in to kmfm to hear the song.

You can also hear Madonna’s new tune too, called Masterpiece. What I like about this is it reminds you of Madonna in the early 1990s. Her vocal is reminiscent of Dear Jessie and This Used To Be My Playground. Even that pure element that was evident on her Evita album.

I am a fan of Madonna’s dancey tunes, but it is also nice to hear her more melodic efforts. It is part-produced by William Orbit who Madge seems to have a great relationship with. He worked on her Ray Of Light album. Masterpiece is taken from Madonna’s forthcoming album, MDNA.

There has been more news on the summer concert front since I mentioned last week about Emeli Sande performing at Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury and Steps headlining in Rochester. It has been announced that legends Alexander O’Neal and Billy Ocean will complete the Rochester Castle Concert line up this year. Now that is going to be a big few days.

Speak to you on your way home on kmfm Drivetime from 3pm.

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