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by Kent music reviews and teenage views, with Nick Tompkins Wednesday, September 5 2012
I was lucky enough to attend and steward at this year’s Smugglers Festival. The first thing to strike you is the intimacy of the festival: the campsite itself is small enough to see from one side to the other at all times. The main area consisted of two main stages, where the music alternated from stage to stage, meaning that there was constant music playing, and no worry of two bands clashing, which can be truly devastating for some. Outside the main area, in the woods, was the Little Rig stage, a beautifully decorated caravan with a small stage attached. The festival featured fantastic performances by Zoo For You, Cocos Lovers, The Boot Lagoon among many others. The standard of music, albeit nothing like what you’ll find in the charts, was fantastic, unique and refreshing to listen to instead of all the “wub wubs” we seem to hear on the radio and in clubs. Smugglers, though it is a small festival is not short on things to do during the weekend; it has a children’s area, artwork hidden in the woods, campfires dotted around the woods, a disco, an absinthe bar and so much more! The atmosphere at Smugglers festival was absolutely brilliant- everyone was so nice! It’s the kind of festival where you needn’t be worried about rowdy youths around each corner, and where you can easily converse with a complete stranger, it’s a lovely thing! For anyone debating whether to come next year as a family, I would highly recommend it. Smugglers Festival offers a brilliant family atmosphere. There is plenty of great activities for children in the kids’ area, as well as a cinema to engage the family, and what’s more, the family camping is absolutely silent at night time so you won’t be disturbed by the usual festival riff raff! And for any ‘usual festival riff raff’ who are just out to have a cheap weekend of music and fun, I can’t recommend Smugglers any more. I thoroughly enjoyed it- by far my favourite festival, and in relation to the bigger festivals, it is right on my doorstep!

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