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Olly Murs covers The Clash, The Jam and Supergrass: Did it work?

by Kent music reviews and teenage views, with Nick Tompkins Saturday, September 22 2012

As part of Olly Murs' set for his latest tour, the X-factor runner up (although I think he's done enough to lose that title) has chosen to add three interesting covers to the mix: 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' by The Clash, ' A Town Called Malice' by The Jam and 'Alright' by Supergrass.

So even as someone who watches The X Factor purely to point out all of the things I hate about the show, I still own both of Olly Murs' albums; if I was feminine enough I might even be inclined to have a little giggle to myself  and call it my "guilty pleasure" (along with blueberry WKD, spending too much on handbags and Galaxy Cookie bars- I'm so naughty!) but before I let my feminine side get the better of me I should write about these songs.

I heard about Murs' decision to cover these three fantastic songs whilst reading an interview with Tom Clarke from indie rock band The Enemy, who claimed Olly Murs was one of the many "No-name trendy weirdos" in the charts nowadays. When I listened to the medley of the three songs on Youtube, I really wasn't offended by Murs' renditions at all. I am in no means biased towards Olly here, as The Clash are my favourite band in the whole entire universe and beyond... Anyway, I have always thought 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', with its simple punchy lyrics and relationship-centered subject matter, has fundamentally been a pop song anyway, so I don't think Murs did the song any harm whatsoever. The backing band were obviously capable enough to play the music, and Olly Murs was obviously a gifted enough singer to hit all the notes of the song, what's not to like? Of course it was nowhere near as good as the original but that's okay!

As for 'A Town Called Malice', again, The Jam are my heroes, but I don't believe Murs did a bad job at all, he sings the melody well, shows his enthusiasm and hasn't changed the song enough to even come close to ruining it, not that you can 'ruin' a song, no matter how bad you are. My views are precisely the same for 'Alright' by Supergrass: it was a perfectly decent rendition that gave variety to his set and excited the audience, how can that be a bad thing?

Maybe I'm just a 'crazy hippy' who simply feels too much peace and love for the world to be capable of disliking a song, because trust me that's not true- you wanna hear a bad cover? Listen to Jedward's Ice Ice Baby cover- as if the original wasn't bad enough... But the way I see it, Olly Murs was showing his appreciation for three of his heroes, and showing thousands of people his musical influences- to me that's what music is about! In my view, doing a cover of a song is just a great way of paying homage to someone you like, and hey, if you're big enough to be able to showcase this to thousands upon thousands of people, then all the better! I think the 'Youtube commenting culture' seems to bring about a certain breed of music snobbery, all of whom believe good songs must be left alone at all costs and those who tamper with these sacred songs must be trialed for treason immediately. To this I would just encourage them to feel the love, as I do. Peace out dudes.

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Soak up the sun with Florida holiday competition

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, June 22 2012

Congratulations Gary Barlow. His jubilee song, Sing, has been a big requested song on kmfm and it is now the biggest selling No. 1 single of the year so far.

An amazing achievement from him having put together the concert and travelling across the Commonwealth for inspiration for his single. To cap a fantastic year, Gary was made an OBE last week. Well deserved.

Listen out for the next single from Ed Sheeran, called Small Bump. It is the fifth single already to be taken from his album +. It is a very personal single about a sad experience a friend of his went through. A very touching song.

The official video has already had more than 2.5 million views, which equates to one view for every person in Kent and Essex.

How would you like a holiday to Kissimmee, Florida? Listen in all of this week as you could be a step closer to the Sunshine State, soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails, enjoying Disney World and looking out for alligators out in the Everglades.

We are fast approaching the summer festival season and Guilfest is back. Taking place in Guildford, about an hour’s drive from Kent, this year they have a superb line up including Tulisa and Olly Murs.

Disco Diva, Candi Staton and girl band Stooshe are some of the other big names appearing across the three days from Friday, July 13, to Sunday, July 15.

Alexandra Buggs from Stooshe went to Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone, so we’ll will have one of our own on stage. You can win your tickets all next week with me on kmfm Drivetime.

kmfm will be at the Kent County Show from Friday, July 13, to Sunday, July 15. Rob Wills on kmfm Breakfast gave you the chance to win family VIP tickets recently and we will be there across all three days. More on that next week.

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Freaky weather... but great prizes

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Tuesday, April 24 2012

For the last few weeks we have not known what to wear out of the house due to the freaky Kent weather. It is April and we have had to deal with sunshine, rain, thunder and hailstones.

The sunshine we can deal with very well, but up to three inches of hailstones in Folkestone the other week is just odd. Watch out for falling frogs.

One thing that is certain is that all of this week you will have a chance to win with Chicago, Chicago... so good that we could be sending you to see it twice.

That means you could be winning tickets to see the musical Chicago at the Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells as well as in New York.

Its UK show stars Ali Bastian, from Hollyoaks and The Bill, in the lead role of Roxie. Cell-mate Kelly is played by Tupele Dorgu, from Coronation Street, and the smooth-talking lawyer, Billy Flynn, is portrayed by Stefan Booth, from EastEnders.

So already it sounds exciting, right? However, not only will we send you to see the hit musical on it’s opening night in Kent, we could also then be flying you out to New York to watch Chicago on Broadway! Now that is a brilliant prize.

Be listening all of this week to kmfm Breakfast with Rob Wills and with myself on Drivetime. Good luck!

Have you heard about the new The Making of Harry Potter studio tour at Windsor? It lets you into the magic of the movies and kmfm could be sending you there soon.

Stay listening for more and for more on how you could be winning a shopping spree at Bluewater with Pinkberry – the original frozen yoghurt from California – and how you could be going on holiday to Florida. All thanks to kmfm.

More forthcoming hit tunes can be heard on kmfm right now. Olly Murs has produced another ditty called Oh My Goodness, which you cannot help but enjoy.

Nicki Minaj’s Starships continues to be huge, Rizzle Kicks’ Mama Do The Hump remains a favourite, but the biggest pop tune of the year, or at least so far, is from Carly Rae Jepsen.

Last week I told you about her UK debut hit, Call Me Maybe, which has remained at No.1 for a second week. She came third on Canadian Idol and found inspiration to write the song from Annie Lennox’s Walking On Broken Glass.

They say you learn something new every day.

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