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I don't know what to Blog about

by Medway's Victor Meldrew, by Danny Smith Friday, August 3 2012

When I first signed up to Blog here I had a list of things I wanted to talk about, I've forgotten all of them. I've made a note on a postet note which reads "Make notes of ideas" which wont be of much help considering that postet note will remain on my desk, which I no longer use. In fact, my desk has become a place where my TV sits with a lamp and a bottle of half drunken Rum, all three haven't been touched in at least a month.

Anyway, back to my original point, I'm currently suffering from writers block and I'm struggling to find a way out of it. I've recently returned from my holiday in Turkey, Antalya to be exact,  lovely weather, lovely resort and even better food! We stayed in a 5 Star Hotel called "Titanic" it's apparently modelled after the ship, I can't recommend it highly enough. Since I aim to blog at least once a week, usually on a Monday if I can, I wanted to get something in before I go on another holiday down to Devon on Saturday. I know how much people LOVE seeing other peoples holiday snaps, so here are a few of my own.


With that boring part out the way, I've finally thought about something interesting to talk about! Interesting to me anyway, probably not to anyone reading this Blog, in fact, to anyone else but me this will look like a very miserable, whinging rant, which I suppose it is. 

Instagram. What's the point? I downloaded it onto my phone a few hours ago to try and understand what all the fuss was about, wherever I look there's something posting pictures of themselves, their dog or more often than not, their food with an effect and a link to "instagram" along with it. I opened up the app to find I would have to "sign up" before I could use it, this was my first annoyance, why must we "log in" to everything these days? Why can't we just download something and use it without going through the hassle of setting up a username and password and telling the app your favourite name for a dog! I signed up, skipped passed the annoying "How to use" screen, it seems people can't do anything for themselves and apps assume they need help, figuring things out for ourselves is not only fun, but rewarding! Anyway, to cut a long story short I found the effects to be boring and useless, they ruin a decent photo and I could do without it. 

Instagram. Deleted. 

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Calling someone ignorant may make you ignorant

by Medway's Victor Meldrew, by Danny Smith Friday, July 13 2012

The word 'ignorant' is often missued. How many times have you been called ignorant because you didn't answer someone or because you didn't reply to their text message? I'm constantly being called ignorant for that reason, but then, I am constantly ignoring people. People irk me, they ask stupid, pointless questions and say things that don't need to be said, on top of that, many people still insist on taking pictures of their food and posting it onto Facebook. What are you doing? Yes, you have a plate with food on it, congratulations! Now, if someone from the third world did this, maybe I'd be more impressed. 

Anyway I digress, the definition of 'ignorant' is as follows

Define: Ignorant: 

  1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
  2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: "ignorant of astronomy".

That's straight from Google itself, by the way. So the words actual meaning is to be uneducated in something, for instance, I'm ignorant of quantum physics because I haven't studied it and learned the ins and outs of it, however, because I ignore someone, that doesn't technically make me 'ignorant' in fact, by definition, the fact that they are calling me ignorant actually makes them ignorant because they are uneducated to the meaning of the world 'ignorant'. Is the word ignorant starting to lose meaning? If it is, just look back to the definition above. 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment below, if you don't, I may have to call you ignorant which by definition then makes me ignorant, and then things get complicated.


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