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Dinner with the Camerons? I’d rather watch Strictly...

by The Codgers' Club Monday, April 2 2012
by Peter Cook

don't know about you but I would pay good money not to go to dinner with the Camerons.

That’s not a slight on Samantha’s cooking. I’m sure her shepherd’s pie and jam roly poly are “to die for”.

But can you imagine being trapped round a table for three hours or more with a load of fat cat business tycoons all bellyaching about too much regulation and how they’ll all leave the country if they have to pay the top rate of tax.

And on the other side a ghastly gaggle of Tory politicians bleating “deficit” like a flock of sheep desperate for the raddle.

Frankly I’d rather stay at home and watch Strictly. And as I have said before, I believe dancing to be an abomination of the Devil. Vince Cable goes dancing for heaven’s sake!

Seriously though, who on earth are we going to vote for come the next election? This lot have shown themselves to be economically inept, doing nothing to create growth, generate jobs and start paying down the deficit.

The last not were no better. New Labour were just Tories by another name and if anything were even more shameless in cosying up to big business and the Murdoch media.

As for the Lib Dems – well they’ve sold themselves down the river completely. No one’s ever going to vote for them anymore.

What we need is a new party. Something loud, proud and radical that doesn’t carry a load of baggage with it.

Who should we choose as leader? Actually I’m not all that busy at the moment. Why don’t we get together over lunch and discuss this.

Mind you, it’ll cost. Let me see. A quarter of a million could get you Premier League status.

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