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Our weather is the nation’s top topic

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, October 25 2013

The autumnal weather is here. It is a great word isn’t it. You hear it once a year but it is a picturesque word. The leaves are turning brown and they are blowing in the wind. Early morning commuters walking to work are battling with their umbrellas in the wind and we are febreezing our winter coats and even slinging a thin cotton scarf around our necks.

We will upgrade to a thicker one when it becomes bitterly cold.

Weather is one everyone’s lips every day.

Play a game.

How many times a day will someone mention the weather?

It is a conversation starter, especially when you meet new people.

“Hi how are you?”

“Chilly out today isn’t it?”

And your chat has begun!

I wonder without the weather how would we ever start some conversations?

“Hi how are you?”

“Welcome along.”

It does not open the avenue of chat potential as much does it? At least with the weather subject we talk about it as if we are the weather presenter.

We have not been trained by the Met Office to convey this information. We are just repeating what we have heard on the radio, TV or online.

Why is it we can remember the weather and repeat it back to anyone who asks, “do you know what the weather is going to be like today?” as if we have studied for weeks yet if it was any other exam subject it would take us a lot longer to remember.

In which year did Henry VIII marry his last wife? I don’t know.

What did Shakespeare mean when he wrote for Hamlet “To be or not to be?” I remember studying this play during A-level and knowing it.

What colour lipstick was Katy Perry wearing last week during her performance on the X Factor? I don’t know, I was more interested in the fact that she was wearing Tony the Tiger. He was one lucky Frosties’ tiger.

I could not tell you, but I could tell you the what the weather was. Rain.

If we all took exams on the weather our academic levels in this county would be huge.

We would all be A-star students demanding six figure salaries and holidaying in the Maldives and looking at buying our own private island.

I’ll speak to you on your way home on kmfm Drivetime from 4pm.

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Is it time to put the heating on yet?

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Saturday, September 21 2013
All anyone has been talking about is the weather. "Well that was summer!" "Hasn't it changed." "I'm cold." "I am putting my heating on." These sentences echoed across Kent from last week. We went from 28 degrees to 17 degrees literally overnight. It is as if the sun is burnt out and has gone on his holiday.

I even saw a woman wearing her winter jacket and a scarf as I drove into work last week. I was not as alarmed into realisation that winter as much as I was when I also drove past a gritter lorry on the A2 at Cobham. Do the Highways Agency know something that we do not.

I am yet to give in and put my t-shirts away for another year. I am still convinced there are a few more days where the sun will return for a long weekend and shine down on us. I am not ready to wear thick hoodies and coats just yet.

I am getting closer to turning the heating back on though. That slight burn smell will be back from where the heating has not been on since Spring. That 'I don't want to get out of the shower' feeling is creeping in, the frosty car windscreens are coming and the hunt for the gloves will be back on. They are always found in the back of the wardrobe. Yet that was the first place you looked. Gets me every year.

All next week on kmfm Breakfast Rob and Emma are playing Location Lottery. They will be coming live from somewhere that you can fly to with British Airways and if you guess from the clues where they are you will win a family holiday to that destination thanks to British Airways. Good luck.

Imagine that, flying out on British Airways for a week long holiday, relaxing and taking in some of the sights. There is only so much I can type without giving too much away. You will love this prize.

Wake up to kmfm Breakfast with Rob and Emma Monday from 5:30am.

I'll speak to you on your way home on kmfm Drivetime from 4pm.


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Freaky weather... but great prizes

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Tuesday, April 24 2012

For the last few weeks we have not known what to wear out of the house due to the freaky Kent weather. It is April and we have had to deal with sunshine, rain, thunder and hailstones.

The sunshine we can deal with very well, but up to three inches of hailstones in Folkestone the other week is just odd. Watch out for falling frogs.

One thing that is certain is that all of this week you will have a chance to win with Chicago, Chicago... so good that we could be sending you to see it twice.

That means you could be winning tickets to see the musical Chicago at the Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells as well as in New York.

Its UK show stars Ali Bastian, from Hollyoaks and The Bill, in the lead role of Roxie. Cell-mate Kelly is played by Tupele Dorgu, from Coronation Street, and the smooth-talking lawyer, Billy Flynn, is portrayed by Stefan Booth, from EastEnders.

So already it sounds exciting, right? However, not only will we send you to see the hit musical on it’s opening night in Kent, we could also then be flying you out to New York to watch Chicago on Broadway! Now that is a brilliant prize.

Be listening all of this week to kmfm Breakfast with Rob Wills and with myself on Drivetime. Good luck!

Have you heard about the new The Making of Harry Potter studio tour at Windsor? It lets you into the magic of the movies and kmfm could be sending you there soon.

Stay listening for more and for more on how you could be winning a shopping spree at Bluewater with Pinkberry – the original frozen yoghurt from California – and how you could be going on holiday to Florida. All thanks to kmfm.

More forthcoming hit tunes can be heard on kmfm right now. Olly Murs has produced another ditty called Oh My Goodness, which you cannot help but enjoy.

Nicki Minaj’s Starships continues to be huge, Rizzle Kicks’ Mama Do The Hump remains a favourite, but the biggest pop tune of the year, or at least so far, is from Carly Rae Jepsen.

Last week I told you about her UK debut hit, Call Me Maybe, which has remained at No.1 for a second week. She came third on Canadian Idol and found inspiration to write the song from Annie Lennox’s Walking On Broken Glass.

They say you learn something new every day.

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Weddings bring out the fashion geek in me

by Nikki's world, with Nikki White Wednesday, February 29 2012

Spring has most definitely sprung, or at least it feels like it.

The first wedding of the year at our church always makes me feel that the warmer weather is on its way, and Saturday’s celebrations were no exception.

There’s something about a wedding that always encourages woman to wear a summer dress, whatever the weather.

Unless the temperature has plummeted below freezing, there seems to be an unwritten rule that you have to wear something strapless, or at least a creation that wouldn’t look out of place at a garden party in the middle of a heatwave.

Living opposite a church means I get the best view of the guests arriving. I pretend I’m cleaning the dining room, but really, I’m just watching out the window to see what everyone’s wearing.

It was a big affair – about 200 guests – and there was a steady stream of men in suits and women looking glamorous, but shivering, in their regulation sleeveless dresses, high heels and ornate headgear.

Me? I watched from the warmth of my home in my furry slippers with a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits on the go.

I love it. I get to see all the glamour, but never have to splash the cash and dress up.

If I had the courage, I’d slip in at the back of the church and sing along too.

It must be in my genes. My nan also loved a wedding, and often joined a congregation for a sing-song having no idea who the happy couple were.

I don’t think she went as far as posing in the family pictures, although I do wonder just how many photos I’ve appeared in.

There must be plenty of smiling guests who have snapped away from the lychgate, not realising that I’m grinning in the background, with my face pressed up against my dining room window.

So check your next batch of wedding photos. If there’s a mad woman in the background, it’s probably me.

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