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The eagle has landed – with the ring!

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Tuesday, April 22 2014
I am dedicating this week's column to Eagle Heights who are heroes to a bride and groom. Let me tell you the story.

My best friends, the now Mr Adam and Mrs Corinne Coles, had the happiest day of their lives by getting married at the beautiful Cooling Castle. Before I start to tell you how incredible Eagle Heights is, can I extend that to the team at Cooling Castle?

Adam the groom were expecting an owl ring bearer to fly in with the rings on Saturday.

At 8am on the big day he received a call from the company due to drive to Kent to say that they had to cancel. “No, not today!” echoed hundreds of times from Adam’s mouth and also my own as his best man I felt we could not let this beat us.

Adam, his nephew and I searching online via our smartphones for owl ring bearers and making calls like call centre workers on commission.

“Unfortunately, we can’t help” was the reply from all.

Then I received a text from a friend to say good luck and it clicked. She is a part-time wedding planner: she might know someone. Caroline thought I was winding her up, asking “do you know anyone who has an owl?”.

Caroline managed to get hold of Eagle Heights. This is the big “yes” moment - they said they could help.

Eagle Heights saying “yes” gets better too. They said they could provide an eagle and an owl. An eagle. Wow. It would be the eagle that would fly in as the ring bearer. Amazing. Not only were they happy to help, they would also be coming straight from filming, so it would be tight.
Not a problem, Adam was happy to put the wedding back by 15 or 20 minutes. It was the one thing that the bride Corinne wanted on her big day.

At just after 2pm, Chris and Alan arrived from Eagle Heights with a huge eagle called Kayla. She was 20 years old and a beauty to look at.

We spoke about what was to happen; the eagle was to fly in to Alan. At that very moment, Alan called me over, and asked me to wear the glove. What? We did not speak about this, but after the effort we had put in I was not now going to decline - and to be honest I was happy to be Kayla’s prey. She swooped in and landed with perfection on my arm. I took the rings and presented them to Adam and Corinne. Yes. We had done it.

What really stood out for me was how much Chris and Allen did afterwards. They were happy to stay around and have Kayla in the pictures.

I was so taken aback by how much they helped that I have looked into more about the team based in Eynsford, Dartford.

Not only do they home some amazing birds, they are heavily involved in conservational work, have a bird hospital and have their own classroom to teach the next generation how to look after our wildlife.

It seems the original company pulling out was the best thing that could have happened.

I’ll speak to you on kmfm, Monday - Friday 9-noon.


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Keeping cool by the icy pool

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, April 11 2014

You’ll have heard about our fabulous competition to win a stunning James Villa Holiday by now, to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary.

The great news is that there are three chances to win – kmfm is giving away one villa holiday in Mallorca, KentOnline one in Minorca and What’s On another in the Algarve.

When I’m on holiday, nothing can distract me from my sun lounger – not sightseeing, historical buildings, geographical features of note, the National Museum of Turkish Delight, nothing.

Just leave me there by the pool. Turn me once every 30 minutes. Stand back every hour ’cos I’m getting up and diving Tom Daley-like into the deep end.

One of my most vivid holiday memories is of a stay in the Med some years ago. I was staying in an apartment and the pool was in the centre of the block. I was loving the warm chlorine-free waters of the pool. The apartment owners proudly told us that they didn’t use chemicals in the pool. The water came from an underground spring and was then heated to perfection by the rays of the Mediterranean sun. Every now and again, we were told, the water was drained and then re-filled with fresh spring water.

On the fourth or fifth day I was going through my usual routine and the time was swim-a-clock. I rose like a bronzed Adonis from my lounger and strode purposefully to the deep end, winking to the senoritas and shooting finger pistols to the fellas as I went.

There were 40 to 50 people throwing admiring glances my way as I arched up into the air like a salmon before piking into the water with barely a splash. In mid-air I noticed the usually well-used pool was actually empty of other bathers. ‘Well, more pool for me,’ thinks I.

As I hit the water I instantaneously realised why I was flying solo.

What I hadn’t thought through was that the pool had only just been freshly refilled. From the underground spring. Way underground. Far away from the sun. Down where only Gollum dwelt. I have never felt cold like it. Those Army guys you see swimming in the Antarctic, having cut a hole in the ice, would have dipped one toe in it and gone AWOL.

Some things in my body actually stopped working. I’d gone in as gracefully as a swan – I came up like whatever the exact opposite of that is.

In a bid to kickstart my body and warn others of the icy depths I came up screaming: “Oh for goodness sake, that’s refreshing!”

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Dream holiday could come true

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, April 11 2014

Fancy heading off into the sunshine? For seven days? Staying in your own private villa with pool? Fancy taking three friends or the family? James Villa Holidays are celebrating 30 years in the business and we are celebrating with them, too, by offering you the chance to be whisked off into the sunshine of Mallorca where you will stay in a luxurious James Villa villa.

Just imagine laying by the pool, the sun beating down on the tiled patio area to the point where it becomes hot.

You jump into the pool and take your cocktail from the side and sip it as the sun starts to set.

That evening you and your tan head into one of the nearby towns and take advantage of alfresco dining.

Just writing this I am making myself jealous.

You could be answering ‘The 30th Question’ on kmfm Breakfast with Garry Wilson next week.

If that is you, you have won this amazing James Villa holiday with flights all sorted, too.

All you have to worry about is spending money and what bikini or pair of speedos to take with you.

See how you could be winning and staying at and click on James Villa Holidays ‘30th Question.’ Good luck.

While you are online there is also your chance to meet Peter Andre when he comes to Folkestone later this year, win tickets to see The X Factor musical I Can’t Sing! and, with it being half term, win your way in with the kids to see Nick Jnr’s Go! Go! Go! show. Be quick, though, as some of these competitions finish soon.

If you have been requesting your favourite songs on kmfm recently, thanks.

It’s always great to be on air and read the songs you want to hear. Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind, Pharrell Williams’ Happy and Clean Bandit’s Rather Be continue to be three of the most popular songs with you.

I’ll speak to you weekday mornings, 9am to noon.

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One of our lucky listeners has won the Loose Change

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, April 7 2014

kmfm’s Loose Change has been WON! After eleven weeks, two hundred and seventy four guesses, jammed phone lines in the kmfm studio and consistently checking the incorrect guess amounts online, Lisa Collins from Ashford correctly guessed that the Loose Change jackpot was £4,173.

If you have been listening you will have heard Lisa’s screams of delight.

I imagine she had a weekend of celebrations with even more to come as she decides what to spend more than £4,000 on.

I think a holiday is coming for Lisa and her family.

The winning continues soon thanks to James Villa Holidays who are celebrating 30 years in the business.

We are pulling the celebratory party poppers with them as we give you the chance to whisk off for a seven-day James Villa holiday in the Cyprus sun.

Just imagine the sunshine reflecting off your own private villa pool as you chill out on a lilo sipping your cocktail of choice. Perfect.

As well as that, £10,000 could be coming your way.

The Jackson’s Community Project will see one local organisation, one community group or Kent charity be awarded a £10,000 improvement thanks to Jackson’s Fencing.

If you are involved in such local activities keep it tuned to kmfm and it could be your organisation winning.

I’ll speak to you on kmfm Monday to Friday, 9am-noon.

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Just a little loose change could go a very long way

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, March 21 2014

Just pick up the phone!

“I am certain I know!” These are just two of the most heard comments from you over the last week as we continue to give you the chance to win up to £5,000 with kmfm’s “Loose Change”.

We have an amount between £500 and £5,000.

Call kmfm when you hear the presenter say, and you could win. Easy.

On Monday at 8.25am, Garry Wilson on kmfm Breakfast gave you the order of two of the Loose Change digits, now making it easier for you to win.

What would you spend the money on?

A holiday in the sunshine?

Just imagine lying on a sun lounger, the sun glistening off the pool as you swim up to the pool side bar and order an ice cold strawberry Daiquiri. Perfect.

Maybe you want to go on a big shopping spree and finally buy that outfit that you keep walking past.

If you have not seen two of the digits or even the incorrect guess amounts, simply go online to and click on Loose Change.

We play Monday to Friday at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

At the time of going to press the Loose Change jackpot has not been won.

Good luck!

The winning does not stop there either. Next week on kmfm Breakfast with Garry Wilson, he is giving you the chance to see Robbie Williams live in Amsterdam! We will sort out of your flights and hotel too.

You just need spending money and your best “I love you Robbie!” voice.

I’ll speak to you on kmfm, Monday to Friday 9am - noon.

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Do not disturb... training in progress

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Monday, March 17 2014

On the show last week I talked to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings off the telly about why commuting by train can stress you out.

She told me that it’s because we try and create personal space in a public environment, which inevitably makes us selfish.

Jo had survey results of the most annoying train habits. The problem is we’re all pretty much as bad as everyone else! More than a quarter of us admit to annoying fellow passengers; people playing their music or ringtones too loudly not surprisingly rates highly.

At least nowadays we can be annoyed by an actual song and not the clicky, bleepy ringtone versions of 10 years ago. Jo’s advice is to try and find entertainment where you can. If you can hear tinny ‘tssst! tssst! tssst!’ beats, have a game of ‘What’s that song?’

Confused about whose phone is ringing, because we all have the same classic phone ringtone? Have fun with it! Set your phone ringing in your pocket, then look around suspiciously at everyone else until they think it’s theirs. Have a sweepstake on how many people you can convince to get their phone out. Good times.

Jo says just by getting your phone out you can make others do the same. It’s because we use them as comforters and there is a Mexican wave effect. Try it yourself.

Someone getting stuck into a big stinky sarnie? A nice game of ‘What’s your filling?’ will wile away a couple of stops.

The number one commuting annoyance is new passengers forcing themselves onto a train before allowing passengers to get off. Amazing when you consider what they’re rushing into – a stuffy metal tube full of people acting like sheep, eating pungent tuna, egg and garlic baguettes, listening to drum ‘n’ bass performed on the world’s tinniest sound system – all while yelling down the phone to their wives about why they’re going to be late and why Toby in the office is an “absolute nightmare!”

I have a top tip for creating some personal space. Lots of people try and keep the hordes at bay by putting bags on the seats next to them.

It’s worth a try but I have a much more effective way of keeping the next seat free. When someone approaches, with hopes of sitting down, make eyes at them in a come hither style and pat the seat invitingly. They’ll stand all the way to their stop. In a different carriage. Or train if possible.

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Lott to talk about!

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Monday, March 10 2014

Pixie (it’s really Victoria, but she’s been called Pixie from a young age ’cos she was born prematurely and was only ickle) Lott joined me at kmfm HQ last week for a chat. She’s almost a Kent gal having grown up in Bromley and Chislehurst.

Fresh from hanging out at The Brits with the likes of Lorde, John Newman and Katy Perry, I wondered if she could be a bit of a diva. Had she ever used the phrase “Do you know who I am?”

“NO! I’d be way too cringed out!” came her reply.

Having been to drama school she told me she doesn’t get nervous before a performance, even a massive one.

“The biggest crowd I’ve performed in front of is half a million people in Madrid and I had to sing in Spanish and English.”

Performing in front of thousands is OK, but I wanted to know about the more intimate performances – for example, singing in the shower.

“I think Ben by Michael Jackson is a great little shower song and it’s all about his pet rat.”

I wasn’t expecting that.

If you think you spotted Pixie on the telly the other week, chances are you did. She was in BBC1’s Inspector George Gently. She refers to her turn in a major prime time drama as her ‘hobby’ though. (Personally, my hobby is sudoku.)

The video for the 23-year-old’s new single Nasty is quite raunchy and I wondered what her family feel about her scantily clad gyrations.

Apparently, her parents are down with the kids and “understand if that’s what the song’s vibe is”.

Pixie added that for the video she assumes a character as much as any other acting part, so she isn’t really ‘nasty’. But what does she think is nasty in real life? Her answers are listed here, below right.

She’s the triple threat (act, sing and dance), she’s a local gal made good, her debut album shifted a million but she is totally down to earth with no dirt to dish. How annoying.

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There’s an awful lot of loose change to be won on kmfm

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Monday, March 10 2014

Question, what would you do with up to £5,000?

Go on a holiday somewhere hot like Dubai? Eat out every week for like ages? Save it? Spend it on doing up the house?

It could be a reality if you play Loose Change.

For the last eight weeks, you have been calling kmfm with three or four digits that you think is the correct amount of kmfm Loose Change.

It is an amount between £500 and £5,000.

We sneakily put one of the digits you need inside last week’s What’s On section and as we are nicer than Ant and Dec on your television giving away holidays on a Saturday night, we have left the digit inside this week’s paid-for papers. Just look inside your What’s On.

Plus, as we really are nicer than Ant and Dec on your TV giving away holidays, money and prizes from the ads on a Saturday night we have given you another digit online.

It is at right now. Click on Loose Change.

All you need to do now is work out the rest of the digits needed to win kmfm’s Loose Change.

Hint: other contestants playing the competition on kmfm may help you to decide on the remaining numbers.

We just keep on giving you the biggest prizes.

This weekend you can Win The Hits. We are giving you iTune vouchers all weekend so you can download Kent’s Biggest Hits. Plus, standby to win your way in to see Robbie Williams in Amsterdam!

You will fly out from Manston airport, stay over for two nights and see Robbie live in concert.

This is only happening with kmfm, Kent’s Biggest Hits!

I’ll speak to you during your workday, Monday to Friday, 9am-midday.

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Worlds apart thanks to Christina Aguilera

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Friday, February 21 2014

Last week on kmfm Breakfast, we had a chance to talk to a couple of guys, Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino from New York who can’t quite believe where they’ve got to in such a short space of time.

They’d made a song four years ago that had been left to make its way in the world.

Unknown to them, late last year, it was used during a big moment of a TV dance show in the States. It brought the song to the attention of millions of Americans and one in particular fell in love with it.

She emailed the boys saying she would love to work with them, and the rest – as they say – is history.

That lady is Christina Aguilera and the song Say Something has now sold 2.4 million copies around the world and is out here this week.

The guys told me they’d been musically inspired by Disney musicals like Aladdin and Lion King which I felt was refreshingly honest (Hakuna Matata is a classic!).

Despite hanging with XTina, Maroon 5 and the Victoria’s Secret models, Ian and Chad (or a Great Big World as they are better known) insist they’re NOT rock ‘n’ roll but in fact felt like they were living in a dream.

They’ve been enjoying Merrie Olde England and getting to grips with the differences from their home land. They like the word “rubbish” which they thought was so much nicer than “trash”.

“Oatmeal” becoming “porridge” seemed to be causing a great deal more mirth than one might expect. I also put them straight on “Suspenders” – for them, red things holding Wall Street traders’ pants up. (Pants are trousers. Underpants are pants). For us, they’re sexy hosiery support systems.

Jelly is jam. They read newspapers. We wrap fish and chips in them. Chips are not crisps. They’re like French fries but not. Keeping up?

Their greatest wonder was our toilets. They were incredulous at their depth. Who knew the shape of our lavatories could impress our overseas visitors hailing from lands with shallower sanitary ware.

It makes your chest swell with pride.

I didn’t even get into “sidewalk” and “pavement”. I fear the excitement might have been too much for all of us.

It’s certainly “A Great Big World” for Ian and Chad and I’d like to think I’ve helped them understand our little bit of it, just that little bit better.

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The valentine minefield

by Waking up Kent, with kmfm Breakfast presenter Garry Wilson Monday, February 10 2014
So we’re still paying off Christmas and the next set of festivities with ‘£’ signs attached has already come heaving into view – Valentine’s Day.

It’s another high-pressure time of year. Especially as a man. Just remembering it is hard enough.

And then there’s the dilemma over the choice of pressie. Is it OK to buy chocolates? The ladies love choccies, but hang on – is there a diet regime currently under way that I’ve been repeatedly told about but not registered? Will a gift of several thousand calories be appreciated? Will I end up wearing the chocolate truffle?

Who decided what’s romantic anyway? A bar of chocolate stamped out in Birmingham is not romantic, but a box of chocolates delicately handcrafted by a kindly monk in Belgium is.

It’s all a moot point anyway. There’s still a load of the kids’ selection boxes left over and they don’t like the fingers of fudge. My other half’s sorted until the August Bank Holiday.

And who decided candles are more romantic than a 40-watt light bulb? Candles are all dull and flickery. When you’re bringing out the meal you can hardly see where you’re walking. Is romance worth a trip to A&E with a twisted ankle?

Plus you can hardly see the object of your desire over your microwave lasagne for two. Actually maybe that’s the attraction. In a dim light you could easily mistake me for Ben Affleck. A very, very dim light.

And don’t even start me on a evening in front of a real fire. You’ve got to get the logs from outside (where it’s almost certainly raining) and get kindling, paper, matches, pokers, stokers, fire retardant clothing... what a palaver.

Once the fire finally gets going you’re like a rotisserie chicken if you get within a quarter of a mile of it. Who wants to relax on a sheepskin rug in front of that? On that note, who wants to recline on a sheepskin rug anyway – that’s a sheep’s skin! A nice reliable radiator, that’s what you want.

What about roses? They’ve got great big prickles sticking out. If they invented them today they’d never get past health and safety – the gift that says “I Love You” while drawing blood.

Everyone loves a cup of tea but you can’t seduce someone with a mug of Tetley. The rules say it must be coffee. The smaller the cup the better. You’ve smelt coffee breath though right?

Avoid this romantic minefield and make sure you’re listening to kmfm Breakfast when we’ll give you a chance to play Love Boat with our friends from P&O Ferries. You could be sailing to France in Club Lounge luxury, enjoying wonderful food and wine in the brasserie, as well as picking up special gifts from the on-board shop. And one lucky couple will win £2,000!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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