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Hello new world.

by The Kent film blog, by Lewis Dyson Tuesday, February 7 2012

Hi there.

Let me begin by saying welcome to my brand new blog about film. I intend this to be a platform to share my thoughts and opinions and hopefully hear some of yours - I love nothing more than reading comments.

Where to begin? I suppose my love of cinema began right here in Kent, Sittingbourne to be exact. I can't remember what it was called back then but going to the two-screen cinema at the end of the High Street are some of my earliest and most vivid memories. On a sad note, that cinema has been closed for a while now...but I will always remember going there.

I can remember seeing films like Hook there back in the day. It is also the only venue I've ever been to where they had an interval and someone used to come out with a shelf thing selling sweets.

But reminiscing aside, I’m just making the point that my habit of watching movies - too many movies - started in a small independent cinema in a corner of Kent. On that note, where was your first cinematic experience and how has going to the pictures changed over the years?


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Good old Gord

by The Business Blog, with Trevor Sturgess Monday, September 27 2010

Three cheers for Gordon Henderson, the new MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey.

I chaired a question and answer session the other day at which he gave some forthright answers to some tough question by Swale business people at the flagship Kent Science Park.

It’s unfashionable to praise politicians these days, but it was good to hear a local MP with such a good grasp of business. As a former store manager of Woolworths and now a business consultant, he has a strong business hinterland.

Criticism of bankers was the main topic on the agenda, and for 30 minutes, he heard some horror stories about the failures of banks to invest in good small businesses. The banks may claim that there is plenty of money to lend but not enough good propositions. But hearing a succession of testimonies against banks is enough to make you doubt everything a banker says.

Banks are paying pathetic interest rates to savers despite the historic 0.5 per cent base rate, and widening their margins to borrowers. Loans that are approved to business are at such exhorbitant rates that would-be borrowers don’t want to risk it. Nor do they have any wish to put their family home on the line.

Gordon Henderson was sympathetic to all these views but the limits of power in a new MP were obvious to see. He promised to convey the local message to ministers, but it must be hard with so many knocking at their door to convince them.

That he has been around the block many times in business and political circles suggests he would make a good junior minister in Mr Cable’s department.

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