A kiss judged too far as pair overwhelmed by passion

A kiss judged too far as pair overwhelmed by passion

by Nikki's world, with Nikki White Tuesday, February 19 2013
So what's in a kiss? A possible prison sentence, if you’re Samson Paine and Karla Shaw.

The lovers could be jailed for contempt after they snogged in a court dock as they were remanded in custody.

Passion overwhelmed the pair and they upset the judge presiding over their case with their farewell clinch – never a good idea to upset the man who has your future in his hands.

It must have been a beauty. A male barrister said afterwards: “It was a smacker of a kiss. I was married for 15 years and didn’t have a kiss like that.”

They’re no angels. They were at Maidstone Crown Court after Shaw, 24, admitted robbery and assault causing actual bodily harm and Paine, 25, admitted attempted robbery and possessing an offensive weapon.

Judge Charles Byers was quite right to put his foot down and demand they show his court more respect. Too many defendants slouch in their chairs, or turn up looking like they’re in their pyjamas.

As a reporter it was drilled into you that you never went into a court room unless you were smartly dressed and you always stood up and bowed your head when a judge or magistrate entered the room.

If you didn’t, you deserved everything you got, not only from the court bench but from your news editor when word got back to the office (which it would have done).

But you can’t help raise a small smile at the young lovers’ bravado. It was hardly Romeo and Juliet, but it must be love, mustn’t it?


The horsemeat saga rumbles on and it’s getting to the point where I’d be surprised if there isn’t a meat eater in this country who hasn’t unwittingly eaten horse (unless you’ve never had a ready-meal or shop-bought burger, then well done virtuous you.)

I’m not worried, but am now curious as to what horsemeat tastes like. But I have yet to take the plunge and deliberately try some. I loved Black Beauty as a little girl and can’t get the theme tune Galloping Home out of my head.

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