A review of Tom Farrer's 'Son Of '87'

A review of Tom Farrer's 'Son Of '87'

by Kent music reviews and teenage views, with Nick Tompkins Friday, February 1 2013

Tom Farrer is one of those inexplicably underrated artists that, when I see the likes of Little Mix, Jedward and Bieber on the television, and hear their whinings on the radio, a bit of sick ends up in my mouth- perhaps a sour tasting symbol of the sheer injustice in this world. Farrer’s new song, Son Of ’87 is another of Farrer’s examples of sheer talent and musicianship, minus the pretentiousness of the vast majority of modern popular music.

One thing you must understand about Tom Farrer is that he, much like the likes of Jake Bugg, is a real reminder of rock music’s past. His tunes ring with a kind of classic folk-rock vibe- a sound that takes you back to a bar in London, the early morning around the campsite of a festival or the mellow ending to a party.

Onto the song itself: Son Of ’87 is not a single, it is simply Farrer’s latest creation, co-written with his friend, Joel Williamson, and recorded in Williamson’s bed sit, the track is modest and understated- no percussion, no backing track, no harmonies, just guitar and vocals. The guitar introduction is simple and actually quite striking in its quiet delivery, somewhat reminiscent of the introduction to Marley’s Redemption Song, in its loose timing and simplicity rather than the actual tune. Farrer’s vocals are delicate and earnest, singing poetic lyrics with real conviction, “But it’s over now, I let you down/ My son of ‘87” before uttering “if you could see me now…” a genuinely moving line. The tune has no bridge section; it is a series of verses and choruses, but this does not make the song repetitive or boring, far from it, the tune is strong enough to stand alone with no frills attached to it. Son Of ’87 is an easy listen, as well as one with some superb lyrics and real character to it.

Farrer has an array of original material, with upbeat full-band numbers such as Louie Come Back- a track with an energy that simply belongs in a live set, Promised Land, and the ridiculously impactive This Or The Railroad, as well as beautiful (in a manly way) songs like Dead Dog and of course, now, Son Of ’87. Farrer is currently in the process of recording his debut album, so keep a close eye on this fine musical prospect, but until then, all of these tracks can be found online (Youtube, Soundcloud, Myspace etc) so it’s well worth having a listen to a fantastic song-writer doing what he does best. I’ve been following Farrer since I was a precious fifteen years old and he signed my Lounge On The Farm programme, and I’m counting on making some serious money in the future. Watch this space.

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