Butt slides and face plants ruled my week

Butt slides and face plants ruled my week

by Nikki's world, with Nikki White Tuesday, February 5 2013

So, you had a bit of snow while I was away, did you?

While you were digging your cars out of your driveways, I was throwing myself down a mountain, strapped to a snowboard.

The idea was that me and hubby would learn together. Unfortunately, two hours into our first lesson, he fell over and was then accidentally clattered by the 10-year-old behind him. It left him with a badly bruised rib (something to do with strained ligaments) and unable to join in for the rest of the week.

I soldiered on, probably pushing our incredibly patient instructor, Fabien, to his limit.

To his credit, by the end of the week I could turn both left and right (although not always when I wanted to) and could stop (mostly by sitting down), but as I was never going as fast as he would like, stopping wasn’t too hard.

Still, my street cred must have improved because I’m now officially a snowboarder, although possibly not quite the dude I’d hoped to be.

My holiday souvenir was a rather impressive bruise on my left thigh, the size of my out-stretched hand, which has been black, blue, purple and is now a fading yellow.

I’d love to tell you I did it while attempting a 360 degree turn on a half-pipe (dude). In reality it was Nikki 0, chairlift 1. Oh, the shame...


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