Cooking advice straight from the horse's mouth

Cooking advice straight from the horse's mouth

by Nikki's world, with Nikki White Tuesday, February 12 2013

I wonder how many of us would eat horse meat if it was easier to get hold of.

It’s not illegal to sell or to eat horse in this country, it’s supposed to taste somewhere between beef and venison, it’s lower in fat than beef – and much cheaper.

We already slaughter thousands of horses a year in this country for consumption and send them abroad.

But are we ready to stomach it on our plates? I’m not so sure – I still have trouble with rabbit. I can’t get that image of Flopsy Bunny out of my head no matter how tasty the pie might be.

It’s all about choice, and that’s the issue here – if Findus had labelled up their lasagne as 100% horse meat, they might not have sold as many, but at least we’d have known what we were getting – Dobbin rather than Daisy.

There is a positive in all this. We’re forever being told we shouldn’t rely on ready meals, and that cooking from scratch is far healthier because you know what you’re putting in.

Maybe now’s the time to go back to the days when you cooked double the amount you need, ate one portion and froze the other for later (see, a home-made ready meal).

Better still, buy your meat locally, then you’ll know exactly where it has coming from and you’ll be supporting local industry.

Butchers and freezer salesman will be rubbing their hands with glee.

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