MSN - Male Stalking Network

MSN - Male Stalking Network

by The Odd One Out, with Dan Millen Tuesday, January 8 2013


Well when you work with a group of women, anything can happen. Everyday brings a new adventure, sometimes a challenge, and as always I am at some point left scratching my head at something one of them has said to the group during the working day... hence this latest post.

Well at the time I was writing this, I was sitting on a leather couch in the suburbs of San Jose, California drinking juice and looking at my notes from previous weeks. I was literally another world away from where I usually am when I encounter my issues as 'The Odd One Out.'

Today's weird and wonderful post is surrounding the inner workings of a colleague of mine when she uses MSN Messenger. (MSN Messenger, for the computer illiterate, is principally an instant messaging service that allows contacts to talk to each other - a sort of text messaging service that is online).

So the women and I were discussing things that annoy us about Facebook when one of them suddenly said 'Do you remember MSN Messenger? We all responded with a unitary nod. 

MSN was great when I first used it, in fact it's how I first began talking with my soon to be wife (She is American and lives in San Jose), but after 4 years we grew tired of the breakages in connection and service and chose to move to Gmail. (Google Mail is awesome).

Anyway... my colleague then proceeded to say aloud to the rest of us "Yeah, did you ever do the sign in, sign out thing?"

I was confused and raised my eyebrow. What shocked me more was that my other colleague said "Oh yeah, I used to do that."

I continued to stay quiet, trying to focus on the invoice I was processing. I didnt want to get drawn into another strange discussion. One a week is enough for me!

Then came another comment "I used to love MSN, I've had some great conversations on there."

The conversation continued, going back and forth across our pod desks. Different pros and cons were listed and they also discussed all the features they enjoyed using. (I can say now, I hated the 'nudges', which shook your computer screen when people wanted to talk to you when you had been idle for 5 minutes or so).

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to interject otherwise I would just look ignorant or worse still, they would draw me into the conversation at a point where it would become uncomfortable for me to back out and they would tease me about it.

"Yes, Jess and I first began chatting on MSN after my holiday to San Francisco in 2007." I said. "But what the hell is the 'Signing in and signing out' thing?" 

Curiosity got the better of me.

The two girls laughed, knowing it would send me into a frenzied rant, as most things do. The others in our group sat silently, waiting to hear.

"Come on what is it?" I persisted.

"The 'Signing in and signing out' thing is where you're already signed in, chatting to other people and you see a guy you like come online. He will obviously look down his contact list and see who is online and talk to who he wants. What I did was to sign out of messenger and then sign back in again." [Cue my long pause and thought] - What the hell for, I thought? "That way, he will see the little notification box that pops up in the bottom right hand corner, signally that I have just come online. That way he is more likely to talk to me."

To say I was thinking of the movies 'Fatal Attraction', 'Obsession' & 'Misery' while she was explaining would be pretty harsh. I was a little disturbed originally but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this was a pretty clever tactic to get a guy to notice you. In fact, it was bordering on genius.

The good thing to add to that is that my colleague appears to know where the line is and is not hovering over it, ready to hop into the weirdo territory. As long as she stays behind it, I am happy to continue sitting next to her.

So that's the latest from me - keep checking in to see my posts and remember, if your on MSN, either remain invisible or sign out first and stay offline before JS sees you. 

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The Odd One Out, with Dan Millen

I'm the odd one out!

I work in an office and my team/department is made up of all female company - except me.So the girls at work entertain me and with their permission, no names included of course, they said I could write a blog about our lifes. So here it is, it's all about them and how they make me laugh to myself.

But enough about my blog. I’ll give you a little insight into who I am. After all I will know a lot about you but you will know nothing about me apart from the fact that I write a blog.

So who am I?

I’m Dan Millen, aged 24, from Maidstone, Kent.

I enjoy most things as much as the next person – sports, movies, socialising and one not so common, writing.

Writing is my number one hobby.  I spend roughly eight to 10 hours a week working on manuscripts. Not only is this just writing, but it also includes developing, editing, re-writing and submitting to literary agents. 

I have already finished three books, writing my first when I was 17. I don’t see myself as an author and I won’t be able to until I get myself published. I’m a very enthusiastic writer with a determination to succeed and with hard work and discipline, I can do it!

If this has not bored you already and you are still reading, thank you.

I also enjoy travelling. I’ve already been fortunate enough to see some stunning places in the world, including:

CN Tower, Toronto, 
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Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, 
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Acropolis, Athens,
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Yosemite National Park, California.

I just love to see other people and other cultures - the differences, the similarities and even the language contrast. My next big destination is Japan. I can’t wait to see Tokyo and I am actually learning basic Japanese so that I can attempt to speak Japanese when I get there. So far I am failing miserably, but I will continue to learn until I crack it.

So that’s me pretty much, I look forward to writing about you guys.

Thanks for taking the time to read and as the Japanese say, “Sayonara” (Goodbye), for now!

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