No resolutions was the perfect resolution

No resolutions was the perfect resolution

by Nikki's world, with Nikki White Tuesday, January 8 2013

Just over a week into 2013 – how are those resolutions going?

I’m doing brilliantly. I decided not to set any this year, so that way, I couldn’t fail. Mission accomplished and I feel fabulous!

If I’m being really honest, I could do with losing some weight and getting fitter. I’ve realised that I’m only a few weeks away from my first snowboarding holiday, but as I’m likely to spend most of that sat on my backside, I could probably do with the extra padding at the moment.

For the first time ever, though, I’ve booked a summer holiday months in advance. I’m usually one of those last minute booking girls, mostly because I’m terrible at making a decision about where to go.

This year, it’s different. It’s all booked and the deposit paid for two weeks in the sun. My aim is to be able to wear a bikini without grabbing a pool towel to hide behind every time I’m out of the water.

Sounds easy, but given that there’s still four large boxes of chocolates in our house, a box of chocolate brazils, some nougat, and a hot chocolate kit containing three different flavoured drinks – plus marshmallows and sprinkles – I’m going to have to pace myself. (If you’re a friend who’s been invited round for dinner in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if you’re served up any of the above).

Still, low-fat lunchtimes are sorted. I’m now ploughing my way through several pints of vegetable soup in my freezer, whizzed up from Christmas Day leftovers. It’s an acquired taste, but waste not, want not.

Talking of leftovers, if anyone knows how to successfully remove half a cork from a bottle of cava, do let me know. New Year’s Eve fell a little flat when we tried popping the bottle and the cork snapped.

Hubby came up with plenty of ideas, none of which avoided the risk of a cork in the face and the loss of several teeth, so the bottle’s still sat in the garden.

I was worried it would go off in the house, but now I fear for the postman.

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