Skyfall rediscovers what Bond is all about

Skyfall rediscovers what Bond is all about

by The Kent film blog, by Lewis Dyson Tuesday, October 30 2012

You may not have noticed but this week saw the much anticipated return of everyone's favourite alcoholic, sociopathic misogynist. Bond, James Bond is back for his 23rd outing and the result is good, very good. 

Skyfall sees Daniel Craig's 007 return to duty from a brief period of freedom. After a mission goes wrong he is presumed dead but when MI6 comes under attack from a former agent, Raoul Silva (played by Javier Bardem), he steps back into action.

What makes Skyfall so successful is that it goes back to what makes the franchise so great. That's not to say it goes back to the predictable Bond by numbers style some of the previous films are guilty of.  For instance, cartoonish gadgets seem to be a thing of the past. But it does reclaim the sense of humour without ever becoming tongue in cheek.

Skyfall is a massive improvement on Quantum of Solace, which, as a lot of people noticed, tried to reinvent James Bond by borrowing heavily from the Jason Bourne films. Thankfully, the sequel gets rid of the shaky camerawork and 50 cuts per second of Quantum. One thing it has is a genuine Bond Villain in Javier Bardem's menacing yet flamboyant Silva who seems like he wants to kiss Bond as much as he wants to kill him.

Although it has been touted as the best bond ever it probably falls just short due to some clunky, unconvincing flirting between Bond and Naomi Harris' character and it would probably benefit from being 20 minutes or so shorter.

Overall however it's hugely enjoyable and a massive crowd pleaser. Bring on number 24.

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