Think before you eat brussels sprouts

Think before you eat brussels sprouts

by Tuned In, with kmfm DJ Andy Walker Friday, November 30 2012

Nobody likes brussels sprouts. Some people say that they do but I just don’t believe them. Brussels are simply shrunk cabbages that have the taste of a half-mashed swede – yuk!

I know that some of you may disagree and insist you are a brussels lover – but come on be honest, you don’t really like them, do you?

I made the same bold statement that nobody likes the evil little green things on kmfm Drivetime last week and I clearly struck a nerve as I have never seen the phonelines light up so much telling me how wrong I was!

Were you pulling my leg?

Some of our listeners claimed that brussels are lovely and taste wonderful covered in cheese and cooked in garlic. I think you are simply adding ingredients to them to try and make them taste better!

There was even a suggestion that they taste great covered in curry sauce – that’s just wrong on so many levels.

We allow brussels on to our plates every Christmas Day – and what happens? We stare at them and ask ourselves the same questions, “What’s the worse that can happen if I just try the one?”

What’s more, we feel obliged to eat them – especially if we are guests on Christmas Day.

But even worse than eating them is what happens next. Why do we put our body through what happens after the Queen’s speech?

As a nation, we can usually set our watches by the hilarious after effects as homes up and down the UK echo to the immortal words, “I shouldn’t have had those sprouts!”

So you see, nobody really likes brussels. No one could tell me during my show what it was exactly that made them attractive to their palate.

Why do we love peanut butter? It is simply the nutty texture and the warmth of the paste.

Why do we love a roast dinner? It is the succulent cut of the meat and the added taste once the gravy has been poured upon it.

So have a good think about those brussels sprouts next time you see them sitting at the supermarket looking up at you, wondering if you are going to pick them up and take them home.

Just think about the repercussions – at the dinner table and on the sofa.


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